Thursday, April 16, 2009

Vegas Baby

So Hubs and I are headed to Vegas! It is, unfortunately, a working vacation.
But's Vegas!
Hubs has already headed that way this morning. I don't go until Sunday, but I'm still off work until then. Which is great, because I am about to lose my mind really need a break! I have not had an actual vacation since last year when we went to Vegas but I was sick the whole time I was there. This year I am not going to be sick. I am not going to have allergies. I am not going to get a migraine. I am not going to get heat stroke. (Me and the desert don't get along too well, which is a shame because I so want to live there! Not Vegas. But Sedona would be nice.)

Hubs goes every year for NAB, because of his job (which I can't talk about, because it's, like, top secret. No, really. But he does a lot of video stuff and I'll just leave it at that...) I usually tag along because when he's not in class we can go blow all our money in the casinos have fun. This year, because I am officially a business now, I can actually participate in some of the classes and things. They have a lot of Photoshop stuff and this year there are a lot of blog and web marketing classes. We'll see if they are useful!

What I really want, though, is to see Elvis. Or more accurately, an Elvis. Any Elvis. This is my 5th trip to Vegas and the only Elvis I have seen was a fat, ugly one hawking some kind of pamphlet in a used car lot. Talk about a disappointment! So maybe this will be the year. I even tried to see if the Flying Elivi were going to be around but I could not find an actual schedule for them. Bummer. I so want to jump with them. No, I have never been skydiving, but I would totally do it in an Elvis wig and cape! Woo hoo!

Anyway, I'm excited to have a little time off...hopefully I can get more artwork done.
In the meantime, I'm sitting around waiting for the Comcast guy to show up. Our internet connection keeps dropping for no apparent reason. At our house "Comcastic" is like a cuss word. Grrrr.

*** Well, I have to say the Comcast guy was very nice and helpful, even though he couldn't fix the problem. Seems we have "low db coming out of the tap"...??? I guess the signal is too low. Don't know why, we haven't done anything to it and it's been fine since we got the business account hooked up months ago. Anyway, I guess the big guns are coming out "some time" tomorrow. Okay. ***


  1. Oh! I hope you find the original Elvis! Well, maybe not the original one but a more realistic Elvis. You'll post a picture if you do, right?

  2. What a wonderful thing--time to do artwork. One could long for gets too full sometimes.

    Why is that? I love your work, and hope to see more! Have fun in the desert sun, and may you find much time to indulge your gift of art.

  3. Thanks! I'm hoping to find something inspiring while I'm there. One of these days I want to do a Grand Canyon tour, but I think we'll have to make a special trip for that...when there's no conference.

  4. Have fun in Vegas and don't work the whole time. Go find a chapel because I hear Elvis does weddings these days. :)


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