Thursday, April 2, 2009

Home Sick/Leftovers

So I'm home sick from work today, which I hate, but I also hate it when co-workers show up sick and spread their germs to the rest of us (we have recycled air in our building so it happens FAST), so I figured I'd better play it safe and not go in.
I don't feel like really doing much of anything including making myself lunch. Luckily I have leftovers!
I made a Mexican "lasagna" the other night for my folks when they were here and it was fantastic, if I may say so myself.
I hate to bake.
But I can cook like crazy!
So I started with a recipe I found in one of my 7243 magazines and altered it to suit my own tastes. I'm sure there are tons of recipes out there for this kind of thing, but I'm going to share mine anyway. Because it's my blog you all might like it!

1 lb hamburger
Taco seasoning to taste
1 can corn
1 can pinto beans
1/2 jar salsa (I used Mrs. Renfro's black bean salsa)
1 medium onion
1 medium poblano pepper
2- 10oz cans of enchilada sauce (I used medium)
1-2 pkgs shredded cheese (I used a four cheese Mexican mix)
Tomatoes for garnish
Sour cream

Chop and sauté the onion and pepper.
Brown the hamburger and add taco seasoning to taste -DO NOT add water like you would to make tacos.
Stir in the corn, salsa and beans, cook until hot.
Add the onion and pepper.
Stir in one can of the enchilada sauce.

I used an oblong cooking dish, I'm not sure what size, maybe 9x13? (I don't keep track of those things very well, I just grabbed one I thought looked right. Hey, I don't bake, remember?)
Grease the pan and lay 2 tortillas side by side.
Ladle some of the meat mix onto the tortillas.
Sprinkle with cheese.
Repeat until all the mix has been used.
Put two more tortillas on top.
Pour the 2nd can of enchilada sauce on top.
Cover with the remaining cheese.

Bake at 400 until the cheese is good and bubbly.
Garnish with diced tomatoes and sour cream.

I realize my food picture isn't up to some standards, but hey, I was sick today and didn't feel like digging out my camera, so you get a cell phone picture...

For desert we had this:

Don't let anyone tell you that cats can't taste sweet or that they don't have a sweet tooth. Oh yes they do! We made the mistake of leaving this out on the counter and my Buster Kitten decided it must have been all for him. Luckily the Hubs had to stop at the store on the way home anyway, so it was all good.


  1. Hey there, my friend.....I clicked on the link to see where it took me (about food picture standards) and my virus software went nuts. I don't know where that goes but something isn't right. for my comment......I can't wait to try this recipe!! We love mexican food and it looks like something my family would devour. Hope you're feeling better by now. :)

  2. Huh, that's weird. It's supposed to go to the site for her cooking stuff. I don't have any trouble when I click on it...but I don't know if that's because it's on my blog? I'll have the hubs try on his laptop and see what it does. Bummer!

  3. ...and yes, I'm feeling a little better. Tomorrow is my normal day off so that gives me a little more time to get more better!

  4. I wish my co-workers were as thoughtful as you! and glad to hear you're feeling a little better.

  5. I love that your cat ate the angel food cake! He must be assuring his place in kitty heaven.

    Hope you feel better!

  6. I am feeling so much better I had to go to work today! Mixed blessing that. :)

  7. I make a very similar recipe, but it includes cooked pasta. It's a family favorite!

  8. I never even thought to add pasta, might have to try that! Thanks!

  9. I'm wiping drool off my keyboard. That lasagna looks fantastic!

  10. I promise next time I post food I will take a better picture!

  11. Recycled air! Yuck! I play up a medical problem that I have to get a room at work with windows that open for fresh air. Maybe a mask at work would be funny like michael jackson wears!! Put it on when someone coughs around you. Nice website. Very cute

  12. PS. Apparently the virus problem mentioned WAS a problem in the Pioneer Woman's server. She has fixed it. So go there now. Her site rocks!


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