Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Things Kids Say

I have no kids.
Which suits me fine, although our folks may disagree...
I do enjoy, however, tales of my brother's kids.

This brother shall be referred to as Bro #2 (he is the younger of my two brothers).
He has 3 kids, Zeke, Evelyn and Finn.

Zeke and Evelyn are quite the little characters. I'm sure Finn will be also, but as of yet he is not talking much.

My folks (or Grandma and Grandpa, for the purposes of this post) are visiting this weekend. This little anecdote comes to me via my mom (Grandma). This will show you how funny these kids are.
First let me preface by saying my brother and his wife are pretty straightforward with their kids. They don't talk baby talk to them and pretty much tell them the way it is.
For instance, when Zeke was -oh - about 3 or maybe just 4 years old, he told my mom that she was a girl because she had a 'gina, and boys don't have 'gina's, they have a penis.
Ha! I can only imagine my mom about had a stroke!
And when Zeke's momma was preggers for the 2nd time he pretty much knew all about it except for one thing that confused him, which was why couldn't his mom have a dinosaur? He finally figured he could settle for a little sister.

Any-who, apparently yesterday when the grandparents were visiting, Evelyn was playing with her baby doll. She decided that the baby was hungry so she went to get the doll and "give her the boob". (This is what Bro #2 and my sister in law says when their real baby is hungry - that he wants "the boob.")
She then proceeded to lift her shirt and pretend to nurse. At some point she must have decided that wasn't working because she told Grandma she didn't have enough boob and could Grandma try? My mom, being pretty game for a grandma, obliged by then pretending to nurse the baby doll.
At this point, Zeke came along and saw what was going on and gave Grandma a funny look and said, "Grandma...can old girls nurse babies?"
I'm pretty sure my mom just about lost it before she told him that yes, sometimes they can.


  1. didn't have enough boob

    that cracked me up. :)

  2. She cracks me up regularly!


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