Friday, March 6, 2009

Violence or kitties?

So, yesterday I had the day off and was home drawing on my laptop. Looking at my favorite blogs. Eating Fritos. Y'know...same ol', same ol'.

I was channel surfing and could not find a darn thing that sounded good. Until I saw that on one of the Encore channels (on Comast) they were showing 1/2 of the Grindhouse movie that came out last year: Death Car. Or something like that.
I was curious. I had read a lot about it of course, because it was hyped to death in the entertainment media. So I thought, what the hey - I don't mind a gratuitously violent movie once in a while. Or so I thought.

Holy dead bodies, Batman.

It was, hands down, the most graphically violent movie I have ever seen in my life. You know how people say something has been burned into their brain? Well, I think this actually burned part of my brain. ** shudder **

Anyway. To try and get some warm fuzzies back, I scanned a bunch of craft papers into the laptop and spent some time playing with textures. Then I used them to alter the pop art pets I made a couple days ago.

So, even though I had to go to work today, I'm a little happier because they turned out really good, I think.

So just remember, Grindhouse = beyond extremely violent. Don't say I didn't warn you!

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