Saturday, March 7, 2009


So I'm perusing Words of Wisdom from a Smart Mouthed Broad today and she has this meme thing going. Sounded like fun, so I thought hey, what the heck, I'll give it a try! The idea is to list 7 random things about myself. You may or may not find them interesting. Or funny. Or just plain sad....

1: I am (not so) secretly doing this from work today.

2: If I had lots of money, and a bigger bedroom...and higher ceilings... I would buy this bed. Which probably says a lot about me, actually.

3: I once played Tuptim in a community theater production of "The King and I". Now, that may not sound strange until you realize that Tuptim was Burmese. I am not Burmese. I am a very German-looking white girl. But at the time I was the only one in the company that could hit the high notes.

4: I am allergic to garlic. No, I am not a vampire.

5: I am a huge Stargate fan.

6: In another life I want to live in Arizona and paint pictures of the ocean until I'm old-old and then move to Carmel and paint pictures of the desert.

7: I am only 5 degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon. We can discuss that at a later date.

And now, a random picture. My niece, Evelyn (thanks, Dad!). She is a cutie.


  1. I would love to hear about the Kevin Bacon connection. Evelyn is so cute!!!!

    I'm so sorry about your garlic allergy. That would kill me because I couldn't eat Olive Garden bread sticks!

  2. I eat them anyway...I just can't have very many. :)

    As to Kevin B... here's the dish. We (at work) were talking about movies and somehow that "Six degrees of Kevin Bacon" thing came up. I started thinking about it and realized 1 - I used to work for State Farm Ins. My boss was a guy named Jack. 2-My boss has a sister named Karen. 3- Karen is married to Jim Hanks. 4- Jim is Tom Hanks' brother. 5- Tom Hanks was in "Apollo 13" with Kevin Bacon.

    Ta da!
    ...not that I'll ever get to meet either Tom or Kevin, but hey.

  3. Great picture of your niece. And do tell about Kevin Bacon. We want to hear this story.

  4. wow, that bed is very interesting and looks like something someone very artistic (like you) would love. I'm a simple girl with simple tastes and soooo not artistic.

    You worked at SF? My X is a SF agent and my daughter works for ST and my sister use to work for SF.....I'm so SF connected it's not even funny. Does that make me connected to Tom Hanks AND Kevin Bacon? LOL

    Oh...I want to squeeze that cute little niece. She's adorable.


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