Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Trying something new

So today is my day off from work (yea!) and I'm just hanging out at home. The Hubs has come home early today, too, and when I asked what he wanted to do with the day he said he was going to do taxes.
I am going to work on art, big surprise. I am in the process of trying to redo my Etsy shop because I'm just not getting the sales I want. I am going to try several different things.
One is I'm going to not aim my art at children's stuff, which I kind of initially did with my alphabet series. I still like the fantasy/fairy tale stuff and will probably continue some of that. One other new thing I'm trying is a series of pop art animals like Frenchy up there.
I think I will work up a few critters I like and then offer to do commission work of people's pets.

I am also going to start doing some framed work, trying various small pieces, 6x6 and 8x8, that you can mix and match to create a grouping. I see some other shops are doing pretty well with that type of thing.
We (me and Hubs) are going to work on getting the olive hue designs website up and running also. He's much better with that sort of thing than I am, thank goodness!
And I'll try to start posting here more. It's hard when I work a 10 hour day, and when I'm trying to draw as much as I can. But I'm getting there!


  1. Can't wait to see your new ideas. Do you do graphic arts in a regular job too? Ten hour days are long days. Hope you enjoyed your day off even if it was spent watching hubs do taxes.

  2. Well, we never actually got around to doing taxes, so...bonus! :)
    And no, I work for 911 here so no fun at all. It's good I have some creative outlet!


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