Monday, March 9, 2009

"Reality" Shows

I often wonder at these so-called "reality" shows, very few of which I will watch, with the exception of The Amazing Race from time to time. Hubs and I keep saying we could do that if we could lose 50 lbs and manage the time off from work...which all comes down to a big "yah, right." Oh well, we can dream.

Anyway, usually I think that the shows are heavily edited to make people look their worst. And/or the people have been told to be on their worst behavior, to scream and yell and throw things at every possible opportunity. Or cry. Or get drunk. Or whatever.

So I don't really watch reality shows. (Um. Except "Rock of Love" sometimes, guilty pleasure kind of thing, because I just can't believe that a bunch of women can/would act that way on TV! Must be all the silicone leaking into their brains. But I gotta tell ya, even if I was a siliconed hoochey mama, I wouldn't go anywhere near Brett Michaels after seeing him with these skanks! )

A-N-Y-W-A-Y...back to my original track here.
I found out a dear old friend of mine from high school was on Wife Swap this past Friday. I had to work so I recorded it and watched it last night with the Hubs.
I thought it was more odd than anything. One woman was portrayed as being a total flake, the other as a total control freak. But if you watch carefully you will see that Flake has a heart the size of Texas and made some really good points to the kids and dad of the other family and was really trying to make them see that they needed to spend more time on the kids and not just money.
And Control Freak has a really good sense of humor she may not show very often - I mean, this martial arts mom dressed up in, basically, drag to go sing to a bunch of old people and was laughing about it.
Plus she seemed genuinely concerned about them being so far in debt.

I feel bad that both families were portrayed so negatively. It's gotta hurt. They are obviously from very different worlds, but there was really nothing inherently wrong with either of them. I wouldn't choose to live like either one of them, but that's just not my "reality". Anyway, I hope they both managed to take away something constructive. I hope Jackie learns to keep her house clean and I hope that Myra learns to relax a little with her kids. I suspect, however, that for it do any real good, they would have to spend no less than 6 months in each others houses. But it sounds like maybe Phil now has a job (good) and Charles finally got to spend a little quality time with his kids for a change (even better).
And the Pirate party was really cool.

This picture has nothin' to do with nothin' but I like it. Dad took it at the beach by their house in December when the tide was high. Of course, I had to go and mess with it... :)


  1. I love how you hop here and there to get to where you were headed. LOL I think you're right about "reality" being nothing like reality and apparently we...the that kind of stuff (not me) or they wouldn't keep making those shows all about the negative drama or sensationalism. Maybe we should have a bloggy buddy reality show. THAT would be interesting. LOL

    p.s. The pic is beautiful!!

  2. I really enjoyed your blog today. You are a gifted writer. I like the idea of a bloggy buddy reality show! (grin)

    How funny you are!

  3. I agree - a bloggy buddy reality show would be a hoot! Or really boring. But I suspect it would be a riot! :)

  4. I can't watch that show anymore. There are some reality shows that are too revealing. I guess there's a reason why we have doors and windows on our houses, to keep some of our privacy for ourselves.


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