Sunday, April 5, 2009

New Ideas, Sunday Drive and Old Lady Glasses

[First off, this picture has nothing to do with anything except I think it would be funny to see my Buster Kitten in a variety of hats...but he would claw my eyes out if I actually tried anything like this with him and then he would slink off into a corner and not speak to me for days. Well, he doesn't really talk to to me, but you know what I mean. Anyway, I've done a little series of drawings with Buster in a variety of hats. This is my Eatser Buster. He would hate this one most of all.]

So, I have decided I'm going to try getting into the glass pendant necklaces like I see on Etsy and other places online. I have noticed a lot of them are using art papers and Japanese papers, which are really lovely, but I'm hoping that I can maybe do one better by using some original art work. I've noticed florals seem to be popular. But what do you all think? What kinds of pictures/art/images do you think would be nice/fun/cute/pretty, etc (and by that I mean sell a lot)?

On a different note, the weather was great today! It was 58 degrees outside and it's hard to believe that we had 4 inches of snow last week! I am feeling much better than last week, so we took a long drive in the country. Then we came home and watched this movie, and then this movie. Phew! That was a lot of violence and action and car crashes and dead bodies (I read that "Shoot 'Em Up had a body count of 108!) and wow, what a ride! Definitely better, for that genre than the last intense action movie I watched (see this post).

Tomorrow is my 2nd day off and I am going to get the dreaded bi-focal...I already have to wear glasses most of the time, but it's gotten so that I can't use just my "regular" glasses at work because I can't see anything close. I have these in the tortoise/green and I like them ok, and I have these in dark red, but they are way too dark for my face. So hopefully I will find something I really love. We'll see!


  1. Good luck finding glasses! I have to shop in the children's section. At least they have mores styles now.

  2. They do, which is the problem! I think I tried on 140 pairs last time!

  3. I want to make those glass pendants too. HBL and I are looking for a kiln that we could use for this and PMC clay. I think it would be an excellent idea to use your original art work. I'd even order a certain original artwork a heart beat. Let me know if/when you are up and running so I can be the first to order.

  4. You got it! I have looked at the PMC clay...I really like the idea of that but the only place we can put a kiln is in the garage and we'd literally have to get rid of a car to do that. I tell ya', if we ever build another house I will add 4 ft to the garage!
    Let me know if you start doing pendants, I'd like to see (and buy) from you too!


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