Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Me & Etsy

Even though it seems to have become a little too big for it's britches, I still love Etsy. By "too big" I mean that there are a bazillion sellers on there now and it's getting a little hard to sort through everything, sometimes, to find just what you're looking for.

My jewelry shop isn't getting much traffic, but my art shop gets a purchase from time to time. I really wish I could afford to stay home and market my stuff better... but I suppose that will come eventually.

One thing I really like about Etsy is it's sense of community. There's a lot of shout-outs given, and nice communication back and forth by sellers and buyers. For instance, today I got a nice little note from another seller, Leaf Lee. She put together a great Treasury of some of her favorite things and included my very favorite Space Girl, which is doubly cool because it's the only non-clothing item listed!

Go check out the Treasury, and also check out Leaf Lee's Little Sweat Shop. She's got some wicked funky stuff for sale.


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