Saturday, May 15, 2010

Duck, Duck, Goose

Today the Washington State Patrol went on a wild goose chase.

Apparently a mama and papa goose were taking their little ones for a walk along the freeway. Dozens of people called it in to 911 for fear they would become pate'.

Luckily a Trooper was nearby and was able to herd the little honkers off the freeway and keep an eye on them until a Game Agent was able to get there. Yea!

(All pictures courtesy of the WDOT traffic cameras.)


  1. I oncce hit a duck, accidentally, and it was horrible! It made a long, exhausting squawk... It was horrible!

  2. That's awesome. Around here it's wild turkeys. They're EVERYWHERE. Alive and Dead.

  3. My spousie once hit a deer on the way home from Canada (we, not the deer---at least I don't think it was but couldn't tell)to the tune of $1500 repairs. Lost headlight plus poop all over windshield. Hosed that all off but insurance did not like that we got rid of that evidence. We needed to see in order to drive the rest of the way home.


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