Sunday, May 16, 2010

Speaking of...

It's Sunday, which is typically a day of rest. It is, however, not the case around here. I don't know why but Sunday's lately have been awful busy at 911. Don't people have anything better to do on Sunday? Don't people know I have BLOGGING to do!? Sheesh!

Wait...what? I should be working while I'm at work? Pshaw. I'd so rather be home with Secret Agent Man.

Speaking of SAM, he's a lousy husband. I believe he is home right now being lazy and seeding the back hill, paying bills and doing laundry. What a guy! No, seriously he is awesome! He also makes me dinner when I am too tired to do it, takes me purse shopping, and tells me I'm beautiful all the time. Being Mrs. Secret Agent is a pretty good deal.

Speaking of being beautiful, however, I have decided I need to be less beautiful. About 40 lbs less beautiful. (For the record - desk jobs suck.) So SAM and I have been discussing diets and a walking regimen. I clearly need more exercise. Going out for beer and pizza apparently does not count. (Who made that rule, anyway?)

Speaking of exercise, though, we did get a Wii recently. With the intent that we would maybe do some Wii Sports or something. Alas, no. We are completely hooked on a series of Raving Rabbids games.
Oh. My. Gosh. I have not laughed so much in a long time! (Laughing is exercise, right?) For anyone not familiar with the Rabbids, you do crazy things like shoot plungers at them,

race warthogs, and dance dance your booty off! (That's my favorite part...although I checked this morning and sadly, my booty is still all there.)

(For those of you who know and love the little darlings, go here...there's an interesting post about their creation.)
Anyway, it's great fun, but so far it's not doing much to erase my beer and pizza calories.

So, still speaking of diets, anyone got any good suggestions? I need a diet I can stick with, that doesn't include fish, brussels sprouts, garlic, cauliflower, zucchini, jelly beans, ice cream, chocolate, donuts, any kind of cupcake...oh wait...I got off track there.

Speaking of cupcakes...
...where I work we have restrooms right across the hall from our main door (I know, stay with me here...). Needless to say, we try to keep air freshener in there at all times. We have to buy our own, so we take turns. A couple days ago a new one showed up, some kind of Febreze something or other.
Now, I am leery of air "fresheners" because they are usually way too strong and give me a headache. But this one....this one.... um, it's just wrong. It smells like vanilla cupcakes.
What the hell Febreze?
I guess it's probably great for the kitchen. But, y' know, I smell a nice vanilla cupcake and hey - I want one!
Kinda disturbing in the bathroom.
I'm just sayin'.

Great, now I want cupcakes and here I am with my rabbit food lunch. It's very frustrating. Think I'll go home and shoot me some Rabbids.


  1. Your comment about SAM taking you reminds me of the purse rule I broke (she said a man can't buy a woman a purse because they need to do it themselves)by getting her a cute little denim one with inside and outside pockets. On ebay yet. She said she really liked it and it was nice. So there you are about self imposed rules, eh?

  2. 1. We love shooting Rabbids around here.
    2. My police scanner is on most of the weekends and I think active Sundays can be directly attributed to excessive family time. The more time that families spend together, the greater the chance of the police needing to be called.

  3. Oy. Yeah. Way with ya on the cupcakes in the bathroom deal. Ew.

    And yes, laughing is pure cardio! You know, I think I own that game, and it's still shrink wrapped. It's a crime, I know! Yes, yes, I'm off to open it right now.

  4. My usual comment on air fresheners is "omg, it smells like a bear sh*t in a flower garden" but in this case i could say "OMG it smells like a bear sh*t on a vanilla cupcake". Hhaha....o.k. so not the impact but you get the idea. What were they thinking?????

    Good luck with the diet. I'm trying WW and so far in 3 weeks I've been to one meeting and counted my points for 7 days and for some reason it's not working. go figure.

  5. Which of the five different catagories of over eater are you? Just saw last week that each catagorie requires a different program to address the different types. Sorry, I don't remember the name of the specialist who was a guest on the Huckabee program. Most interesting and made sense. Maybe you could link the the fellow via Huckabee's site???

  6. The Wii is cool. I could play tennis for hours on there.

    Here's a crazy story. About 19 weeks ago, I was watching TV and a story came on about how Americans are overweight and out of shape. And then they were talking about how so few people run in marathons (about 1% of the population). I got mad and was like, I can run in a marathon. So I trained for 18 weeks and ran one last week (and finished it for that matter). Point being, I lost 17 pounds training and I wasn't even watching what I was eating. If I was, I probably would have lost 30. Running might be a suggestion to try.


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