Monday, August 29, 2011

The neighbors.

I like where we live, because technically we are in the city limits, and we have a nice neighborhood area but we are far enough out of the city proper, and up in a wooded area, so even though it's a pretty big neighborhood, we have lots of trees and natural areas, with miles of trails for walking or bike riding.
We also have nice neighbors that sometimes stop and chat on the trails, like this:

We also like that sometimes they just drop by to visit, like this:

We also have a family of coyotes that sing us to sleep at night, though they are more shy and we don't see them around as much.
It's a nice neighborhood.

Monday, August 8, 2011

The new shirts are here! The new shirts are here!

That's right, the Keep Calm and Carrion shirts are up and live in my Etsy shop!
I'll be listing a couple each day to keep the listing fresh, but right now there is one of each size listed. If I get enough interest in a women's style, I'll get some of those, too.
So go there!
Buy something!
Yes, you!