Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Up too late for days
watching small fur balls
running, wrestling, tu
into spots of trouble
spots of spilled milk
spots on coats of softest fuzz
go round and round til I'm dizzy and tired myself...
worried they are frightened by all that's new
and making sure they are safe
and they hide while I check on them,
and again
until, exhausted, they sleep
I sleep

to wake with headache keeping sharp company.

Constant companion, it lingers for days
to reward me for worries
about this
and the other thing...
Small concerns seem large
large concerns seem insurmountable -
hills made of molehills
no less difficult to climb.

Distraction comes in the form of
flashing in the street
     this quiet street
where nothing ever happens outside
of closed doors

and mountains seem molehills
once again

was it the wind sobbing through the trees
or some thing else
that haunts my dreams?

The moral of the story is
anti-freeze is bad for kittens

it's bad for people too.


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tuesday Newsday

We has kittens! 

I have never had little kittens before. They are something else. 

You may remember we lost our Missy Kitty a few weeks ago. We decided there was no way we could be a one cat household so we adopted 2 little sisters from Partners for Pets - Maggie and Starla (they were named Magpie and Starling but we thought those were big names for such little kittens...)

They are about 4 months old and quite the little furry rockets - they are everywhere all at once! The "old man" cat of the house, Buster, is not sure what to make of them, but I think he likes them, even if he won't admit it. He looks for them all the time, and a couple days ago I caught them all together: 

Maggie, the little tuxedo kitten, wants to do everything her new big brother does, and it's like he has his own little Mini-Me following him around. (And yes, that is a cabinet full of booze! Stop by and have a drink sometime...)

In other, non-cat news: I've been booked for a show! 

In all the years I've been doing art stuff, I've never had my stuff publicly shown anywhere. But that's about to change. On June 28th I will be part of an event put on by RAW:natural born artists, here in Spokane. This is a national organization with about 65 locations (although until a couple weeks ago I had never heard of them. But I have to admit, I'm not all that up on the local art scene for the most part).
It's a great opportunity for local artists of all kinds: art, photography, music, performance art, fashion and hair and makeup, film. I'm looking forward to participating and I think it sounds like it will be a lot of fun. I'm going to put up some of my Sketchbook art, I think. 
If you happen to be in the area, stop by and say hi!