for Lille Diane (and all those who need it)

Despair is ugly.
it smells bad
and it's shoes don't fit.

it clutches at you with ragged
chewed-nail hands
to weigh you down

Despair is also a liar.
(pants on fire)
it says "I'm just tired today"
or "I'm just a little sad,
I'll be fine tomorrow..."
But it won't go away.

it wants a drink
and dinner
and a bubble bath
and your best teddy bear
and before you know it
a sleep-over turns into a week
is a month
is a year
needs a restraining order.

and then Hope comes to your door.
it is not loud
it is not flashy
it sneaks in on silent little calico cat feet
and leaves



in the corner of a



but Hope is strong
it is powerful
and Hope tells Despair to
get thee behind me

Hope sways
and Hope swings
Hope flutters by on
butterfly wings

Hope sings
and Hope shimmers
let it in when it knocks.
Hope rocks.


  1. i would let it in when it knocks . . . I love ur post. Thanks u've gave me hope.

  2. I like your line "Hope sways..." I can't pen my own thoughts of hope at the moment, but I defer to my personal guru, the Indian philosopher Osho: "Hope is the thread with which we live. It is a very thin thread. It can break at any moment, but it does not break. It has become a very strong shackle. If it breaks from one end we hold it from the other. If it breaks from the world we start hoping for heaven, for liberation."


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