background designs

 we'll always have Paris

grungy swallows

green vineyard

blue butterflies

when dreams take flight

java jive

counting crows

original background texture by omnigenus on deviantART

 polka dots & flowers

summer heart

green butterflies

blue seas

 out of the hen house

peacock postcard

Victorian roses 


blue postcards

pink posies



  1. Omg ... what a beautiful background! So nice! love it

  2. omg this so amazing >< beautiful T___T

  3. I want to one of your backgrounds a as my blog's background, may I? I will link your blog as well =)

    I totally loved your artwork

  4. I like them. Some of them would be perfect for a couple of my mock up web templates.....I will not be selling them. They will be just be used as part of my portfolio. Could I use them? I will let my prospect clients know where the backgrounds are from.

    1. Thank you :)
      Do you have a web site or something I can look at first?

  5. Not Yet. I am just Starting out. I am mostly self taught. But I have also taken a web design and development course. I will try advertising my services on kijiji and turn my templates into images for people to check out my work. Once I get some sure projects from my town. I will put up a website to do furthure promotion. I just want to make sure, I make enough to afford to pay hosting and domain name.

  6. Okay. I don't mind as long as you link back to me.
    Good luck!


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