Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Second Space

So the RAW gallery showing turned out to be a minor disaster, unfortunately. Long story short: it pretty much turned out to be a rave with art displays. Yuk.
However, I did get a couple good connections from it. I am supposed to be getting an interview soon from the lovely ladies at Muse and the Mode magazine. They were a lot of fun  to talk to at the show and probably the most enjoyable contact I had all night.

I was also contacted  prior to the show by the gentlemen who run the Second Space Gallery downtown. It's a small but lovely gallery that doubles as a church. Very modern and clean (a far cry from the Vault where RAW was held...). I met with them last week and they are going to hang five large limited edition prints in their next show!

While I have not yet heard back on which pieces they want, I suspect it will be art from my sketchbook projects. They really liked the little girl with the dirigible, and I took several other existing pieces and altered them to go along with her. I'm sure you will find them all familiar.

So if you're around the area, I think the show will start early August and run for two or three months. I'm excited!

Hope this is finding all of you well and enjoying your summer!

coming home

rain dance

not quite what I had in mind


wind dancers

Wednesday, July 4, 2012