Monday, November 21, 2011

Changing Lanes with Brian Miller

I love reading Brian's blog, Waystation One. His poems are awesome. Often they provide vivid imagery and sometimes I can't resist drawing for one of them.
This was his post a couple days ago and my picture:

 Changing Lanes (or A roadtrip with Poe)

The car is out of control, careening corners
and Edgar Allen Poe has commandeered the radio

Every channel he turns to the songs are so dour,

and between them, even using his happy voice,
dj E.A.P. can't make the news more bleak---

He mumbles something about populous pits

and politicians controlling the pendulum,
or---maybe he said asylum, it was his
third point so i forget.

Looking east, I wish on satellites, somewhere

over Georgia in decaying orbits, a 'little
change in my pocket' and though it may
be little, it is Change, You Can Believe In,
at least what is left after taxes---

We dreamt once, but the raven's wings

blot the horizon & without the sun we've lost
direction, we just sing along to songs replaying
but don't stop to think what the words are saying

"Nevermore, nevermore," I hear, then ask


He sighs, "Take me back to Baltimore,

so I can Usher in the Apocalypse."

Brakes squeal, smoke from our tires passing us,

"Get out! I know you been here before, so poor
you burned the furniture, but I can't take it anymore.
You may wall yourself up in the wine cellar, but
as long as I have two cents to rub together to keep
warm and share, I  refuse to settle for a better future
we won't recognize when we see her."

He stares grim, then the raven once more hugs

his head from behind, covering his eyes

And my heavy heart settles in my foot on the gas

leaving his last words hanging, "For the love of God!"
by the side of the road

Out the window, I answer, "Yes, For the love of God!"

because, I refuse to become another disillusioned victim, just
in time to hear a campaign ad come over the radio, so sing
at the top of my lungs---

"Don't gimme no lines, an' keep your hands to yourself."


Thursday, November 17, 2011

New art listed on Storenvy

I have a new shop at an online store: Storenvy! I'm going to be listing some of the same stuff I have listed at my Etsy stores, but it will have a lot of different things as well, such as the pictures from my Sketchbook Project from last year.

I have the following listed and more!