Thursday, July 21, 2011

I have a blog

No, really, I do! It's just that, well, life sort of got in the way. Again. So I apologize for being lame all month.

And I sort of dropped the ball on the contest I was having, so we'll go there first.
I got some great ideas from the suggestions that were given me (Otin, your poem rocks! I may have to re-visit that later on...)
The ones I decided to go with are Bella Sinclair's "Little did they know...", Rebecca S's "Once upon a time they lived happily ever after...and this is how it all began," (which I think I'm going to end the book with) and Dala Horse's "I put it under a magnifying glass and..."

Congrats! Once I get the artworks done I will get in touch and get addresses where to send the prints!


In other news - I am thinking of offering my Keep Calm and Carrion design as a t-shirt.
 I have had a great response with those posters, and the shirts that came from the Wildlife Conservation Society's Cambodia Vulture Conservation Project have been pretty popular with the few friends and family that have received one. So I think I'm going to do some, without all the Conservation Project stuff  on it , of course. Once I get those printed out and in my hands, maybe I'll have a little giveaway with those, too (no, really!)

And...I'm trying some new ideas out in my Alice's Secrets Etsy shop. I have always been interested in typograpy, and I love the graphic look of typography posters. Here's some of my new designs, they are being uploaded to my shop today.


  1. I kinda forgot I had a blog too. And I'd be interested in one of those shirts.

  2. I like the typography stuff too. I am geeky enough to owe "The Lawyer's Guide to Typography". Yes. I do.

  3. The California dreaming one is really cool!

  4. So, if I sent you some song lyrics, could you do a custom job?

  5. Wow! Really love the 'rain rain go away' one!

    Please read my art blog.

  6. Saw the one you did for Unmitigated me. Just awesome.

  7. Unmitigated's was pretty cool. She sent us over to peek. Now I shall be off to the Etsy shop...


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