Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Late Night Conversations When the Hubby is Half Asleep

Me: Do you still love me even though sometimes I'm a pain in the ass?

Secret Agent Man: You're not a pain in the ass.

Me: Okay, how about a pain in the patukis? (yes, it is our made up word for "butt")

S.A.M.: You're not a pain.

Me: A pain in the patootie? (also another made up word for "butt")

S.A.M.: You're don't make me feel pain.

Me: How about a numbing sensation in the back of the left knee?

S.A.M.: No, but sometimes you make me feel tingly...


  1. So that’s how you ladies do it you wait till we are half a sleep…sneaky, very sneaky
    Big Al

  2. Visiting from SITS...That's sweet. Sounds like you have a keeper.


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