Saturday, June 13, 2009

They're Telling Us...

...We're in for a Deluge. I'm just hoping the thunder and lightening wait until after I get home.


  1. I see a big yellow and red blog on radar by tennessee!! I hope you keep power.

  2. We could use some rain over here. I have been playing hide from the sun since my first day of break, when I went to the beach and got a sunburn.

  3. J is for jellyfish. I have a friend who has a new baby that I call Mr. Squishy. In honor of the line from Nemo, I decided to give him jellyfish art!

  4. Where are you that all this "weather" in going on? We've got a whole bunch of nothing.

  5. I'm so disappointed! The storm went right by us for the most part, except a little lightening. Which was maybe okay. Right before I left work we had one of our nursing homes hit by lightening. Everybody's okay, but that's kind of scary!

  6. Hey, you okay? I hope you are alright--there was a kid who was hit by lightning here in Oregon last week. Wow--and he lived to tell the story. Amazing.

    By the way, I wanted to thank you for the wonderful picture and card. I feel SO honored!


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