Monday, June 1, 2009

Yea Spring!

We had an awful winter here.
Secret Agent Man would disagree, but he's crazy. He loves snow. Deep snow. I don't know why, we don't ski. Or ice skate. Or luge. We don't even really get out in it at all, unless we have to. But he likes it. And he likes to shovel the driveway. (I know, the man is crazy!)

Anyway, we had more snow here than I care to ever have again. We had Record Snow. It was even in the news! At one point I think we had 4 ft of snow on the ground. We left on vacation before it started snowing in December and when we got back 5 days later we had 3 ft of the crap in the driveway. Our neighbors were beginning to think they needed to call the cops because our driveway still was not shoveled.(Seriously. We had messages on our answering machine and everything, because usually our driveway is the first one shoveled on the street. Did I mention that crazy guy S.A.M. loves to shovel the driveway?)

After we got home we got more snow! In the middle of all of that, the 911 center (where I work) lost power and our computers AND phones bit it, so we had to drive to our "backup" center. (Do you know not all 911 centers have backup? How crazy is that? What the heck do they do when stuff goes south, which with computers happens a LOT?!? "Thank you for calling 911. Please solve your emergency on your own since our phones are not working right now and we don't know when they will be working again for the foreseeable future. If you are fighting, stop it right now and go to your rooms! If you are bleeding, put a band aid on it and please try your call again." Whatever.) Our backup center is about a half hour north of our usual base of operations, but in 4 feet of snow is about an hour and a half away! And in the dark. In a blizzard! It was fun. (Anybody know the HTML for sarcasm?)

Mostly I got really tired of the gray. Everything was gray. The sky. The trees. The streets. The yard. This was my yard at one point:

This was my yard at another (towards the end of winter):
This is my yard now:

I would trade 4 feet of irises for 4 feet of snow any day!

p.s. Anyone want an iris? Seriously, they are 4 feet tall and taking over my yard!


  1. Oh, my goodness! Four feet of snow?! That would be my dream come true. (sigh) It does not snow where I am. It's been that way for years. I wonder why? It is a joke God has played on me, I'm afraid.

    Maybe one day He'll figure out once is funny, twice is not. (sniff)

    I LOVE your iris. Mine are only about a foot and a half tall. (sigh)


    Have a GREAT day!

  2. I would DIE if I lived where it snowed. I might whine a bit about the heat, but I am so cold blooded it isnt funny. when it drops to 70 degrees I start complaining about the weather.

    snow. pretty to look at. awful to touch.

  3. I love iris. Mine just died back :-( The coneflowers are getting ready to pop. Ohio also got a little snow. Not 4 or 5 feet!! Maybe 2 or 3 feet.

    Everyone says the SUV is history, but they must not have snow!! I am keeping my honda pilot with 4 wheel drive.

    Thank you again for the package :-)

  4. Four feet tall and you forgot to say beeeyouteefull!

  5. I, too, love snow, but I pay the neighbor's kid to shovel it.

    And I would like to have 4 feet of YARD in which to have 4-foot irises! :-)

  6. DUDE!!! I LOVE your yard! I love it in winter AND in summer! Where is it you live again!?

    Josh and I are looking to buy some land....

    Thanks for commenting! for some reason half the blogs I was following weren't showing up (I blame darsden - because I suspect she stole my blogfrog...she probably jacked some of the blogs I follow too!

  7. Gray is my least favorite color.

    And the iris is one of my dearest flower friends. Mine are gone, too, now — the purples and the peaches.


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