Monday, June 15, 2009

What Were They Thinking??

I've been seeing a lot of stuff lately about celebrities obsessed with youth. So many of them are getting this procedure or that injection...half of them no longer look like themselves.

I understand the desire to remain youthful. I wouldn't mind taking 10 years off, myself. But I draw the line at having my face sliced open or some toxic substance injected into my face. (Although, ask me again in 10 years and maybe I'll have changed my mind...!)


I have become somewhat obsessed, myself, with finding the perfect plumping lip gloss! I don't have particularly thin lips, but I like them to look a little fuller. Not a lot. Just a little. And I totally understand the desire of many actresses to have a plumper pout because thinning lips really do age you (as do crows feet and frown lines. But I don't have any of those. No I don't! Prove it!) What I don't understand is a) why do actresses under the age of 45 feel they need to "fix" anything with their faces, and b) what on God's green Earth makes anyone think that having duck lips makes them in any way, shape, or form attractive!?!?

These two seem to have managed some restraint, and I think they look fine. In fact, I think Courtney Cox looks better, actually. Aniston looked fine to begin with, but her new upper lip is kinda cute.

These wack jobs actresses obviously have issues:

Me, on the other hand, I think I've finally found the perfect lip gloss! What do you think? Is it too much? You can be honest.


  1. Have you ever tried the pouty gloss?? I got some for free from a Sephora order. OMG!!! It kinda hurts.

    Then, I worried that I stretched my lips out making me look old!!!

  2. I really like the lip gloss I get from Bare Minerals, I think it's called "Buxom" and it comes in nice colors, not teenie-bopper ones. It does tingle a little, but I didn't find it painful.

  3. Sheesh! I just noticed the quote under your comment thing - hahah! Now I feel kinda stupid! (I'm sure he's wrong though...what?)

    Anyway, I totally want to get a pouty upper lip too!!! I just can't afford it. Lemme know if you find something - i'm going to need you to test it for me and tell me which one works - pain is fine - I can do pain!


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