Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What do you do when ...

...someone breaks your husband's heart?
My husband, Secret Agent Man, as previously posted here, works for a Contractor that carries government contracts. He is not CIA, as some people like to pretend he is. But his job still carries a lot of weight and he and all his guys have to have security clearance. S.A.M. takes great pride in hand picking his guys and hiring only the best.
One of his fairly recent hires we had high hopes for. Last summer we had a BBQ and invited his crew, along with the New Guy and New Guy's wife. They seemed really nice. They seemed to be smart and funny and not all wrapped up in some of the petty left over high school crap that some guys in their 40's are still dealing with.

Boy, were we wrong.
New Guy turned out to be Major Asshole.

Over the past month or so he has done everything he possibly can to get his immediate boss in trouble, and his boss' boss (which would be my husband) and has even gone over all their heads to the Big Boss. Apparently he is trying to actively get them all fired by saying they authorized him to do illegal stuff. He has stolen, lied and compromised security for God knows what purpose. It's all coming out in the wash now, but the Asshole has managed to really upset my husband, who is the most upright, honest guy I've ever known. He is taking it personally, which he should.

So tonight after work, S.A.M. and his best bud went out for beers and hot wings and bitching. The more he drank, the more pissed off he got. The more pissed off he got, the more he drank. Which of course just caused him to get more upset. By the time we both got home (me from work) everything was just a big mess.
Anyway, after discussing how to perforate a kidney in a dark alley (just kidding on S.A.M.'s part. I hope.) and wanting to cut off Major Asshole's testicles and shove him down his throat (my idea, because he's obviously not man enough to deserve them) I finally got hubby calmed down. He even started singing (if you can call it that), "Cinnamon Girl" of all things.

I left him to get ready for bed, which he was doing in his bathroom (the "master" bathroom) and I went in mine (I have permanently commandeered the "guest" bathroom because the "master" is so small, so beware if you ever come to visit).
At this time, Our Missy Kitty comes upstairs because she's good at giving sympathy in the form of purrs and ankle rubs. S.A.M. starts talking to her and singing "Cinnamon Girl" to her and then I hear this:
"What Missy? You saw Neil Young in concert in Moosejaw in 1982? Really?"
"...and you have the tshirt to prove it? Wow!"

I think he's going to be just fine.


  1. lol, that cat picture is really something else :)

    When I have had to deal with people like that I view it as an opportunity to sharpen my shit o meter skills, grow and strengthen my character. It isn't easy, no way, but it does help to look at why someone behaves like that. Often is it because they are pathetic, insecure, knowing they are incapable. Just seeing it that way puts them into the gnat category, gnats being little irritating creatures one tries to shoo away, ignore or avoid as much as possible.

    sorry, I didn't mean to blabber on, you were not looking for advice, urm! I guess it was my way of saying I understand and empathize.

  2. Jafabrit is right - even though i have no idea what that name means!! It will all come around - and people are not stupid - (well, some are).

    He sounds like an idiot. But your kitty is ADORABLE!

  3. I feel for your husband. Mine is also a good guy and I hateit when some suck ass person messes with him at work.

    Love your cat and the pose.

  4. Thanks, guys :) I felt better just writing about it. Hubs seems to be taking the Zen approach to it all now, so he's much better. He, his boss and the jackass are having a meeting Friday, hopefully they will be able to hand jackass his hat and escort him to the door!
    Fingers crossed!

  5. I feel for you SO much. someone is hurting my husband right now... and its so much worse than if they had done it to me.

    keep encouraging him!

  6. Well! I hope his boss saw through the guy. How awful--I know when people put my husband down I want to take 'em on, too.

    I am praying all is well with you and yours--I have been thinking of you all weekend. Take care, dear one.


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