Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What I've Been Working On

I have a friend here at work whose husband is being re-deployed to Iraq for, I think, the 3rd time. (sucks) They (his unit) decided they wanted t-shirts to help out a little with morale/camaraderie.
The original design was developed by one of the guys in the unit, but it was determined to be too busy, and too many colors for a t-shirt print.
So she came to me and asked if I could help out. For our troops, I was happy to.
Below are the original and the re-design. I knew I was on the right track when S.A.M. actually recognized the plane I used! :)

For those who care, they were done as vector art in Adobe Illustrator.

Next up, I have several special custom projects/portraits, thanks to Midlife Slices! (Yea!) Hopefully she will share as I get them done!


  1. Great tshirt design. What color will the the shirts be? maybe olive green?

  2. Wow--what a talented artist you are!! Beautifully designed. Just lovely.

  3. I really love your talent. The T-shirt design is very cool.

  4. Great work! We have a lot of military families in my town and there is always word of people being deployed. I always say prayers for our soldiers in Iraq (and elsewhere).

    You have a real talent!

  5. Just checked your Etsy store. Love, love, LOVE your work! Saw the necklace you made for Midlife Slices. Beautiful!

  6. As you already know, I FINALLY got to give HBL his gift and he loves it and I'm singing your praises over at my place. I hope you don't get so busy you can't take care of my orders. jk :)

    Seriously, I LOVE my stuff more each time I look at them.

  7. I envy your artistic talent! (Note I just said something to that effect in the comments on Pseudo's last blog post about envy and jealous...)

    Really, though, you are so talented. You did a magnificent job on Midlife Slices art and necklace. I'm jealous of her necklace. :)

    Good think I'm just starting a job and don't have any money, else you'd probably be getting an order from me. But it has given me an idea for hubby's xmas gift.... :)

  8. Great shirt!! AND, I totally recognize riverfront park! haHah!

  9. You are so talented and what a great idea. Can't wait to see what you do for MLS.

  10. Hey, you know what? You're kind of good at that.


    Happy Monday!

  11. Great work!! Do you think they have one for dogs??


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