Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I should have called in broken today.


  1. You didn't do that dialing 911 did you? :)

    REally, what in the world did you do??

  2. My dear! What happened to you???? Goodness gracious! Well, I'll be praying for your quick healing. For an artist not to have use of her hand would be a terrible thing.


  3. omg, what happened? I assume you are okay, since you went to work, but geez!

    **wishing a fast recovery to you**

  4. Luckily it is not my drawing hand! :)
    Well, first I burned the *!#$% out of my finger with my straightening iron. Then I somehow jammed my pinkie finger or something. 4 xrays and they have no idea. One Dr said it could be tendinitis. Another said gout (what??) and my mom thinks it is arthritis.
    So I am splinted for a week or so.
    It's really fun to type. (Seriously, IS there an HTML code for sarcasm? I could really use one...) I keep hitting all the wrong keys. Police Radio all think I'm an idiot. ha!

    It's all good. I just wish someone would give me better drugs.

  5. P.S. I sent all your packages today! yea!

  6. OMG, that looks so awful and I'm sure hurts like hell! I'm so sorry! I was just reading an article about artist and how we should take care of our hands. I think it was in one of my jewelry mags, I'll look for it and let you know :).
    Take care of yourself so you can get back to your art! BTW, thanks for stopping by and following me.

  7. OH MY!! You need that hand!

    Did you blog yourself out??

  8. Hit 40: I wish! If I had blogged myself out (that sounds slightly obscene, dosn't it?) it would probably mean I was not at work, which would be great!
    I don't know, but I suspect the injury is even WORK related and I should probably sue. I should see if Michel has any good advice!!!

  9. Thank you again for the package. Very fun.

  10. Good grief. That looks awful. And you can't figure out what you did? Hope it heals quickly.

    Can't wait to see my prize!


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